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January-February 2014

last issue: November/December 2013

The Gardens’ Library is located on the first floor of the Botany Building at the ANBG, Clunies Ross Street, Black Mountain.
Opening hours are 9.30am to 4.30pm, Monday to Friday. Members of the public may use the library by appointment.

The bulletin contains a list of new material recently received in the library. These items together with recent issues of journals and magazines are on display in the ANBG Library for approximately three to four weeks. All registered library clients are welcome to use the library and photocopy display items or reserve items for loan.

Staff may request items from the bulletin by phone, fax or email.
Phone: (02) 6250 9480
Fax: (02) 6250 9432



Repairing the rainforest, 2nd ed
Steve Goosem & Nigel IJ Tucker
Cairns, Qld : Wet Tropics Management Authority & Biotropica Australia, 2013
577.34099436 GOO

Living next to nature: being a good neighbour to the bush next door
Canberra : Conservation Council ACT Region, 2013
P 577.5609947 LIV

Les champignons parasites des plantes vasculaires des Conservatoire et Jardin botaniques de la Ville de Geneve
Adrien Bolay
Chambesy : Conservatoire et Jardin botaniques de la Ville de Geneve, 2013 (Boissiera vol 66)
579.50949451 BOL

Australian National Botanic Gardens public art policy & master plan 2013-2022
Pamille Berg
Canberra : Director of National Parks, 2013
580.739471 BER

Australian National Botanic Gardens visitor guide & map
Canberra : Director of National Parks, 2013
P 580.739471 VIS

Eucalypts of the Southern Tablelands Ecosystems Park : Forest 20
Civic Square, ACT : STEP, [2013]
Booklet on this collection, which is  located at the National Arboretum Canberra.
P 580.739471 EUC

Weed pocket guide : Agricultural and environmental weeds : far north Queensland
[Qld]: Dept of Natural Resources & Mines, 2001
Also available at:
P 581.652099436 WEE

Plants in peril: 100 of South Africa’s highly threatened plant species and the people protecting them
D Raimondo et al.
Pretoria : South African National Biodiversity Institute, 2013
581.680968 PLA

Catalogue of Brazilian plants collected by Prince Maximilian of Wied
Pedro Luis Rodrigues de Moraes
Meise : National Botanical Gardens (Belgium), 2013 (Scripta botanica belgica, v. 49)
581.981 MOR

The butterfly man of Kuranda: Frederick Parkhurst Dodd
Geoff Monteith
South Brisbane : Queensland Museum, 1991
595.7092 DOD

A glovebox guide to the highlands, tablelands and slopes of southern and central New South Wales
David Hunter
[Sydney : Communities in Landscapes, 2013?]
Field guide to frogs
597.8909944 HUN

Australian birds: a collection of paintings and drawings
Peter Slater
Archerfield, Qld. : Steve Parish Publishing, 1997
ANBG copy donated by Meg Henderson, Nov 2013
F 598.0994 SLA

Rare and vanishing Australian birds
Peter Slater
Sydney : Rigby, 1978
ANBG copy donated by Meg Henderson, Nov 2013
F 598.1680994 SLA

William Robinson 1838-1935: father of the English flower garden
Mea Allan
London : Faber & Faber, 1982
ANBG copy donated by Lyn Meredith, October 2013
635.092 ROB

In a unicorn’s garden: recreating the mystery and magic of medieval gardens
Judyth A McLeod
Millers Point, N.S.W. : Murdoch Books, 2008
ANBG copy donated by Meg Henderson, November 2013.
712.6094 MCL

Royal gardens of Europe
George Plumptre
London : Mitchell Beazley, 2005
ANBG copy donated by Meg Henderson November 2013
712.6094 PLU

The trial of the cannibal dog: Captain Cook in the South Seas
Anne Salmond
London : Penguin Books, 2004
ANBG copy donated by Meg Henderson, November 2013
910.92 COO

The art of Emily Rose Twynam
Ann Proudfoot
[Tharwa, ACT]: Lanyon Homestead, 2004.
Catalogue from an exhibition held 3 April – 2 May 2004.
P 759.994 TWY


Senecio gunnii
Helen Fitzgerald
Original watercolour, 24 x 16 cm.
Donated to the ANBG by Helen Jensma, January 2014.
Art 59


The last sanctuary: cane toads in the Kimberley DVD
[Sydney, N.S.W.] : Australian Geographic Society in association with Distracted Media, c2012.
The AGS 11th scientific expedition brought a group of scientists and AGS members together in the remote east Kimberley to participate in an ongoing study into the effects of cane toads on native fauna.
AV 597.872 LAS

Birds of Box-gum grassy woodlands DVD
Simon Ferguson
Queanbeyan, NSW: Communities in Landscapes, 2009.
Images and recorded bird calls for many of the woodland birds that rely on these woodlands.
AV 598.09944 BIR


Tasmania: state map
Cartography: Dan Bowles
Sydney, NSW : Australian Geographic, 2013
Map Box 912.946 TAS


ANBG Volunteer Guides’ Meeting minutes 19 Nov 2013, 17 Dec 2013, 18 Feb 2014
Growing Friends record of meeting 2 Nov 2013, 7 Dec 2013, 1 Feb 2014

Thursday talks  Printed copies of PowerPoint presentations
7/11/13 - Boys or girls: temperature decides / Tariq Ezaz
14/11/13 - The tea tree oils of Melaleuca alternifolia / Carlos Bustos
21/11/13 – Keeping “tree” in the urban streetscape / Michael Brice
13/2/14 – Surveyors at the snow line / Matthew Higgins
20/2/14 – ACT Centenary Bioblitz, 25-27 October 2013 / Anna See
IBIS revelations: are we saving anything ?: threatened species management at the Australian National Botanic Gardens
Lottie Boardman
Images from PowerPoint presentation by ANU Summer Research Scholar 2013/14
Archive 2014/01

Cryptic speciation and species diversity among Australian and New Zealand hornwort taxa of Megaceros (Dendrocerotaceae)
D Christine Cargill, Nicole GF Vella, Ish Sharma & Joseph T. Miller
Australian Systematic Botany, vol. 26, 2013, pp. 356-377.

Mackay plants in the National Botanic Gardens
Toby Golson
The Graptophyllum, SGAP Qld Region, no. 254, Feb 2014, p. 12-13.

Review of infraspecific taxa in Ptilotus gardneri and P. lophotrichus and lectotypification of P.conicus (Amaranthaceae)
TR Lally
Nuytsia, vol. 23, 2013, pp. 125-127.

The Wollastonia/Melanthera/Wedelia generic complex (Asteraceae: Ecliptinae), with particular reference to Australia and Malesia
AE Orchard
Nuytsia, vol. 23, 2013, pp. 337-466.

A revision of the Australian species of Eclipta (Asteraceae: Ecliptinae), with discussion of extra-Australian taxa
AE Orchard & EW Cross
Nuytsia, vol. 23, 2013, pp. 43-62.

Allan Cunningham’s Timor collections
AE Orchard & TA Orchard
Nuytsia, vol. 23, 2013, pp. 63-88.

Comparative dating of Acacia: combining fossils and multiple phylogenies to infer ages of clades with poor fossil records
Joseph T Miller et al
Australian Journal of Botany, vol. 61, 2013, pp. 436-445.

Four new species of Astroloma (Ericaceae: Styphelieae) from Western Australia
M Hislop, AJG Wilson & C Puente-Lelievre
Nuytsia, vol. 23, 2013, pp. 23-42.

Identifying cultivated Tecomanthe
Frank Zich
The Graptophyllum, SGAP Qld Region, no. 254, Feb 2014, p. 10-11.


Eucalypts face increasing climate stress
Nathalie Butt, Laura J Pollock & Clive A McAlpine
Ecology and Evolution, vol. 3, no. 15, Dec 2013, pp. 5011-5022
Available at:

Progress towards an interdisciplinary science of plant phenology: building predictions across space, time and species diversity
Elizabeth M Wolkovich, Benjamin I Cook & T Jonathan Davies
New Phytologist, vol. 201, no. 4, March 2014, pp. 1156-1162
Abstract available at:

Are reports of the death of taxonomy an exaggeration?
Quentin Wheeler
New Phytologist, vol. 201, 2014, pp. 370-371
Available at:

Empirical trials of plant field guides
WD Hawthorne, S Cable & CAM Marshall
Conservation Biology, Early view 9/1/2014, 9 pp.
Three image-based field guides to tropical forest plant species in Ghana, Grenada and Cameroon were tested on 1095 local residents and 20 botanists in the U.K.
Available to Dept staff at:

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