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March 2013

last issue: February 2013

The Gardens’ Library is located on the first floor of the Botany Building at the ANBG, Clunies Ross Street, Black Mountain.
Opening hours are 9.30am to 4.30pm, Monday to Friday. Members of the public may use the library by appointment.

The bulletin contains a list of new material recently received in the library. These items together with recent issues of journals and magazines are on display in the ANBG Library for approximately three to four weeks. All registered library clients are welcome to use the library and photocopy display items or reserve items for loan.

Staff may request items from the bulletin by phone, fax or email.
Phone: (02) 6250 9480
Fax: (02) 6250 9432


Draft plan of management Yuin Bangguri (Mountain) Parks: incorporating Gulaga National Park and Biamanga National Park
Sydney : NSW Dept. of Heritage and Environment, 2012
Also available at:
333.783099447 DRA

Australian native food industry stocktake
Michael Clarke
Barton, ACT : Rural Industries Research and Development Corporation, 2012
Also available at:
338.1994 CLA

Environment Protection and Biodiversity Conservation Regulations 2000: statutory rules 2000 no. 181 as amended
Canberra : Attorney-General’s Dept., 2013
“Start date 22 October 2011”
Also available at:
344.94046 AUS

Barriers to effective climate change adaptation
Melbourne : Productivity Commission, 2012
Also available at:
363.738740994 BAR

The angry summer
Will Steffen
Canberra, ACT : Climate Commission Secretariat, Dept of Climate Change and Energy Efficiency, 2013
Also available at:
P 551.6994 STE

Joint Haeckel and Ehrenberg Project: Reexamination of the Haeckel and Ehrenberg microfossil collections as a historical and scientific legacy
Yoshihiro Tanimura, Yoshiaki Aita (eds.)
Tokyo : National Museum of Nature and Science, 2009
560.47 JOI

National wildlife corridors plan: a framework for landscape-scale conservation
Canberra : Dept of Sustainability, Environment, Water, Population and Communities, 2012
Also available at:
577.550994 NAT

Monograph of Crinipellis and Chaetochalathus in tropical Africa
Vladimir Antonin
Meise : National Botanic Garden (Belgium), 2013
(Fungus flora of tropical Africa ; v. 3)
579.50967 FUN

Royal Horticultural Society members’ handbook 2013
London : RHS, 2013
Brief description of 145 open gardens in the United Kingdom.
Ref 635.90941 ROY

Assessing myrtle rust in a lemon myrtle provenance trial
John Doran, Dave Lea and David Bush
Barton, ACT : Rural Industries Research and Development Corporation, 2012
Also available at:
P 635.933765 DOR

Development of intergeneric rootstocks for Christmas flowering verticordia: a new Christmas flower
Kevin Seaton
Barton, ACT : Rural Industries Research and Development Corporation, 2013
Also available at:
P 635.933765 SEA

Progress towards commercial release of ornamental eucalypt varieties
Kate Delaporte ... [et al.]
Barton, ACT : Rural Industries Research and Development Corporation, 2013
Also available at:
635.9773766 PRO

Wildflower irrigation handbook
Barton, ACT : Rural Industries Research and Development Corporation, 2012
Also available at:
635.966870994 WIL

Nutritional data for Australian native foods: supporting the Food Standards Australia and New Zealand Nutritional Panel Calculator
Chris Read
Barton, ACT : Rural Industries Research and Development Corporation, 2012
Also available at:
641.303 REA

Missouri Botanical Garden Climatron 50: a celebration of 50 years
St Louis, Mo : Missouri Botanical Garden, 2010
Built in 1960, the Missouri Botanical Garden Climatron conservatory is the world's first geodesic dome greenhouse. Book features 3-D photographs, which various library visitors have proclaimed as being "extremely cool".
727.558 MIS


Community engagement with nature conservation, Australia , 2011-12
Canberra : Australian Bureau of Statistics, 2013
Catalogue no.:4602.0.00.002
Topics in the survey include; contact with nature; participation in nature conservation at home and at work; advocacy for nature conservation; motivators for involvement with environmental issues, and consideration of the negative effect on the environment when purchasing particular products.
Available at:


Growing Friends record of meeting 2 March 2013


A new species of gall midge (Diptera: Cecidomyiidae) feeding on Hakea (Proteaceae)
Peter Kolesik & WR (Bill) Barker
Australian Journal of Entomology, “early view article” published online 5 April 2013
Available to Dept staff at

Archibald Menzies’s visit to King George Sound, Western Australia, September – October 1791
Eric W. Groves
Archives of Natural History, vol. 40, 2013, pp. 139-148.

A new comprehensive database of alien plant species in Chile based on herbarium records
Nicol Fuentes … [et al.]
Biological Invasions, vol. 15, 2013, pp. 847-858
Available at:

Foliar freezing resistance of Australian alpine plants over the growing season
Susanna E Venn, John W Morgan & Janice M Lord
Austral Ecology, vol. 38, 2013, pp. 152-161
The freezing resistance of leaves of 25 Australian alpine species were assessed ex situ.
Article available to staff at:

Experimental warming and long-term vegetation dynamics in an alpine heathland
C-H Wahren … [et al.]
Australian Journal of Botany, vol. 61, 2013, pp. 36-51
Vegetation changes were monitored in a warming experiment within alpine open grassy-heathland on the Bogong High Plains in Victoria.
Article available to staff at:


The Garden Evolution Conference
American Public Gardens Association Conference
20-24 May 2013
Phoenix, Arizona

7th Biennial National Conference of Fungimap & Field Naturalists Club of Victoria
23-27 May 2013
Rawson, Vic.

Atlas of Living Australia Science Symposium
12-13 June 2013
Canberra ACT

International Association of Bryologists 2013 Meeting
15-19 July 2013
Natural History Museum, London
Enquiries to

Philosophy of Biological Systematics: a course by Kirk Fitzhugh
29 July – 2 August 2012
Australian Museum, Sydney, NSW
A “Pre-conference workshop” of IPC -

11th International Polychaete Conference
4-9 August 2013
Australian Museum, Sydney, NSW

6th International Symposium on the Biology and Ecology of Gall Inducing Arthropods and Related Endophytes
4-8 August 2013
O’Reillys Rainforest Retreat, Qld

Australian Landscape Conference
20-23 September 2013
Melbourne, Vic

Celebrating Success – The Influence and Appeal of Botanic Gardens
5th Global Botanic Gardens Australia and New Zealand Congress
20-25 October 2013
Dunedin Botanic Garden, New Zealand

Weeds have no boundaries !
17th NSW Weeds Conference
9-12 September 2013
Corowa, NSW

Gardens with Altitude: The High Lean Country of New England
34th Annual National Conference, Australian Garden History Society

18-20 October 2013
Armidale, NSW


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