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July 2012

last issue: May & June 2012

The Gardens’ Library is located on the first floor of the Botany Building at the ANBG, Clunies Ross Street, Black Mountain.
Opening hours are 9.30am to 4.30pm, Monday to Friday. Members of the public may use the library by appointment.

The bulletin contains a list of new material recently received in the library. These items together with recent issues of journals and magazines are on display in the ANBG Library for approximately three to four weeks. All registered library clients are welcome to use the library and photocopy display items or reserve items for loan.

Staff may request items from the bulletin by phone, fax or email.
Phone: (02) 6250 9480
Fax: (02) 6250 9432


Biodiversity monitoring in Australia
David Lindenmayer & Philip Gibbons (eds.)
Collingwood, Vic. : CSIRO Publishing, 2012
333.95110994 BIO

Practical conservation biology
David Lindenmayer & Mark Burgman
Collingwood, Vic : CSIRO Publishing, 2005
333.95160994 LIN

National standards for involving volunteers in not for profit organisations, 2nd edn
Melbourne : Volunteering Australia, 2001
Also available via the Internet at:
P 361.370994 VOL

Flammable Australia: fire regimes, biodiversity and ecosystems in a changing world
Ross A Bradstock, A Malcolm Gill, Richard J Williams (eds.)
Collingwood, Vic : CSIRO Publishing, 2012
577.240994 FLA

Discover and learn about Australian deserts and arid lands
Text: Pat Slater; photographs: Steve Parish
Archerfield, Qld : Steve Parish Publishing, 2001
 577.540994 SLA

Australian marine life: the plants and animals of temperate waters, 2nd edn
Graham J Edgar
Sydney : Reed New Holland, 2012
578.770994 EDG

Virus taxonomy: classification and nomenclature of viruses: 7th report of the International Committee of Taxonomy of Viruses
edited by MHV van Regenmortel ... [et al.]
San Diego, Academic Press, 2000
579.2012 INT

Mycorrhizas in ecosystems
DJ Read ... et al. (eds.)
Wallingford, UK : CAB International, 1992
579.517 MYC

Biology of plants, 8th edn
Peter H Raven, Ray F Evert & Susan E Eichhorn
New York : WH Freeman & Co., 2012
580 RAV

Australian National Botanic Gardens management plan 2012-2022
Canberra : Director of National Parks, 2012
Also available via the Internet at:
580.739471 AUS

Medicinal plants in Australia. Volume 3. Plants, potions and poisons
Cheryll J Williams
Dural, NSW : Rosenberg, 2012
581.6340994 WIL

Australia’s poisonous plants, fungi and cyanobacteria: a guide to species of medical and veterinary importance
Ross McKenzie
Collingwood, Vic. : CSIRO Publishing, 2012

Threatened flora of the Western Central Wheatbelt
Joel Collins
Bentley, WA : Dept of Environment & Conservation, 2009
Also available via the Internet at:
581.68099412 COL

Bryophyte flora of the Huon Peninsula, Papua New Guinea. LX-LXIV, LXVIII
Helsinki : Finnish Zoological and Botanical Publishing Board, 1999, 2002 (Acta botanica fennica; no. 165, 174)
588.099571 BRY

Guide to the liverworts and hornworts of Java
S Robbert Gradstein
Bogor: SEAMEO BIOTROP Regional Centre for Tropical Biology, 2011
588.3095982 GRA

Fishes of the Murray-Darling Basin: an introductory guide
Mark Lintermans
Canberra : Murray-Darling Basin Commission, 2007
597.09944 LIN

A natural history of Australia bats: working the night shift
Greg Richards & Less Hall
Collingwood, Vic : CSIRO Publishing, 2012
599.40994 RIC

Hortguide 2012: an information guide for the horticultural industries
[NSW]: Agricultural Publishers, 2012
Ref 635 HOR

Composts, soil conditioners and mulches, 4th edn
Sydney : Standards Australia, 2012 (Australian standard, AS 4454-2012)
P 635.914 COM

Starting out with bulbs: easy to grow and collectable bulbs for the gardener and bulb enthusiast
David L Jones
Sydney : New Holland, 2012
635.940994 JON

Waterwise plants: 200 dry-tolerant plants for Australian waterwise gardens
Kevin Walsh
Sydney : Reed New Holland, 2010
635.95250994 WAL

Strata: deserts past, present and future: an environmental art project about a significant cultural place
Many Martin, Libby Robin & Mike Smith
Mandurama, NSW : Many Martin, 2005
About Puritjarra, a rock shelter in the Cleland Hills in western central Australia.
Also available via the Internet at:
704.943694291 STR

Red Centre
Peter Walton
South Yarra, Vic : Currey O’Neil, 1984
Large format book with colour photographs and extracts from literature about Central Australia.
919.42 WAL

Burnum Burnum’s Aboriginal Australia: a traveller’s guide
David Stewart (ed)
North Ryde, NSW : Angus & Robertson, 1988
994.0049915 BUR


The cultivation and exploitation of the Australian nut (Macadamia ternifolia, F.v.M., and Macadamia integrifolia, Maiden et Betche)
Edwin Cheel & RF Morrison
Sydney : Technological Museum, 1935 (Bulletin no. 20)
From the collection of Murray Fagg, June 2012.
Rare P 634.5 CHE


Sex-specific volatile compounds influence microarthropod-mediated fertilization of moss
Todd N Rosenstiel et al.
Nature, 2012, doi: 10.1038/nature11330

Potential susceptibility of Australian native plant species to branch dieback and bole canker diseases caused by Phytophthora ramorum
KB Ireland et al.
Plant Pathology, vol. 61, 2012, pp. 234-246

Exotic species richness and native species endemism increase the impact of exotic species on islands
Jessica C Walsh et al.
Global Ecology and Biogeography, vol. 21, 2012, pp. 841-850

Tangible evidence of historic Australian indigenous savanna management
Noel D Preece
Austral Ecology, published online 25 June 2012, doi: 10.1111/j.1442-9993.2012.02415.x

Plant pathogens in recycled irrigation water in commercial plant nurseries and greenhouses: their detection and management [a review]
Sally M. Stewart-Wade
Irrigation Science, vol. 29, 2011, pp. 267-297


Growing Friends record of meeting 2 June, 7 July 2012
ANBG Volunteer Guides meeting minutes 19 June 2012

Friends talks
7th June: Warming in the Tasman Sea, a global warming hotspot / Wenju Cai
21st June: ANBG Management plan 2012-2022 / Judy West
5th July: Travel writers, botanic gardens & the 19th century British Empire in Australia / R Russell
12th July: Saving the northern corroboree frog in the ACT / Murray Evans
19th July: Global plantings and use of Australian acacias / Stephen Midgley


Landscape soils, composts & mulches – problems, solutions, new standards & specifications
Seminar presented by Horticultural Media Association of NSW
1 August 2012
Tusculum Auditorium, Aust. Institute of Architects
Potts Point, Sydney or ph (02)4454-5873

Mangroves, Myalls and More
Association of Friends of Botanic Gardens Conference
Hosted by The Friends of the Australian Arid Lands Botanic Garden
18-19th August 2012
Port Augusta, SA

Australasian Fundraising Forum 2012
Presented by Fundraising & Philanthropy Australasia
30-31 August 2012
Dockside Convention Centre, Sydney, NSW

XIth Australian Bryophyte Workshop
2-5 September 2012
Merimbula, NSW

Change - an Opportunity for Revitalisation
Parks and Leisure Australia National Conference
16-19th September 2012
Newcastle Civic Centre, Newcastle, NSW

Society for Conservation Biology Oceania Regional Conference
People and Conservation in Land and Sea Country
21-23 September 2012
Charles Darwin University, Darwin, NT

Australian Systematic Botany Society Conference 2012
Local knowledge, global diversity
23-28 September 2012
Perth, WA

Capturing flora: 300 years of Australian botanical art
Art Gallery of Ballarat, Vic.
25 September – 2 December 2012

Australasian Mycological Society Conference
26-28th September 2012
Flecker Botanical Gardens, Cairns, Qld

Plant Conservation in Australia – Achievements and Future Directions
Australian Network for Plant Conservation National Conference
Canberra, ACT
29th October to 2nd November 2012

Gardens of a Golden Era
33rd Annual National Conference, Australian Garden History Society
9-11 November 2012
Ballarat, Vic.

Society for Ecological Restoration Australasia Inaugural Conference
28-20 November 2012
Perth, WA


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