Appendix 3

Chronology of Significant Events in the History of the Australian National Botanic Gardens

1933 The Advisory Council of the Federal Capital Territory recommended to the Minister of the Interior that a botanic gardens be established in Canberra.

1935 Dr Bertram Dickson, head of the CSIR Division of Plant Industry, completed a report to the Minister of the Interior on the establishment of a botanic gardens.

1949 Prime Minister Ben Chifley and the Director of the Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew, Sir Edward Salisbury, planted trees at a ceremony to formally initiate the Gardens.

1960 The Minister of the Interior confirmed that the main feature of the Gardens in Canberra would be an `indigenous collection’.

1966 The first building - housing the Herbarium, botanists’ offices and the Library - plus a depot and three staff cottages were built within the Gardens.

1967 The Gardens in Canberra were open to the public for the first time.

1970 The Canberra Botanic Gardens was formally opened by Prime Minister John Gorton.

1981 The Gardens was extended from 49 hectares to 90 hectares with the addition of land to the south (37 hectares) and the north (3.5 hectares).

1990 The Friends of the Australian National Botanic Gardens was established.

1991 The Governor-General proclaimed the Gardens a reserve under the National Parks and Wildlife Conservation Act 1975.

1991 The developed parts of the Gardens were placed on the Register of the National Estate.

1993 Memorandum signed with CSIRO to amalgamate the Gardens and CSIRO Plant Industry herbaria and establish the Centre for Plant Biodiversity Research.

1996 Australian National Botanic Gardens Management of the Booderee (Jervis Bay) Botanic Gardens was transferred to Booderee National Park.

2000 Proclamation of the Australian National Botanic Gardens amended to remove the Jervis Bay annexe. The annexe, known as Booderee Botanic Gardens, became legally part of the Booderee National Park.

2000 Agreement to operate the Centre for Plant Biodiversity Research renewed for 10 years.


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