Department of the Capital Territory


Annual Report 1976-1977

Although attendance figures for the Canberra Botanic Gardens were similar to the previous year the largest number of visitors ever recorded for a single day occurred on Easter Sunday 1977 when 3794 people toured the Gardens.

The Nature Trail was opened in the Botanic Gardens by the Minister for the Capital Territory in November 1976. With a descriptive leaflet and illustrated aluminium plaques, this trail is proving very popular with school and family groups. The Aboriginal Trail, now in full operation, is also provided with a well-illustrated leaflet.

Although horticultural research, a matter of concern to City Parks, has been hampered by staffing restrictions, one interesting development has been the successful reproduction of kangaroo paws by use of meristematic tissue. This is the first time this technique has been successful with Australian native plants and will be invaluable in reproducing kangaroo paw hybrids and the rare black kangaroo paw.

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