Department of the Capital Territory


Annual Report 1975-1976

Canberra Botanic Gardens continue to be popular with visitors, a record number of about 256,000 calling there in 1975-76. This was an increase of some 35,000 on 1 974-75 figures. Easter 1976 saw a record influx of 10,772 visitors, up 30% on the previous peak of 8296 in 1 971.

There has been a marked rise in the number of school groups using the Gardens. During the first term of 1976, 1,900 students in fifty organised groups visited the Gardens compared with 1200 children in thirty groups in the corresponding period of 1975.

A new educational trail showing how the Aboriginals used native plants is popular with visitors, and in a further development, a new nature trail on which Black Mountain flora and fauna are interpreted was nearing completion at June 1976.

Staff and financial restrictions resulted in the temporary suspension of the international seed exchange operation and plant labelling and the closure of the Gardens’ Jervis Bay annexe at weekends.

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