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Tayloria delavayi - a specimen collected in 1915 by Heinrich Freiherr von Handel-Mazzetti in north-western Yunnan, China.
There are several sporophytes in this specimen. You can see three quite easily on the right-hand fragment. The specimen was collected from a tree trunk between the Landsdang-djang (or Mekong) and Lu-djiang (or Salween) rivers at an altitude of about 3,450 metres. Handel-Mazzetti collected enough material to allow the creation of a number of replicate specimens that have been distributed to various herbaria by the Natural History Museum in Vienna (Vindobona in Latin). The moss was identified by Viktor Brotherus. Two of those replicates were examined as part of the research, published in 1992, that established the equivalence of the Chinese Tayloria delavayi and the European Tayloria rudolphiana. Another replicate was examined during the compilation of a moss flora of China published in 2003.