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Philonotis alpicola - Collected by VF Brotherus on 26 July 1896, near the present day Kazakhstan-Chinese border. Below the specimen is part of the packet in which the specimen is stored. The locality information, given in Latin, reads "Thianschan: ad fontes fl. Narinkol, in declivi humido reg. alp.". In other words the moss was collected "on a damp slope at the headwaters of the Narinkol River in an alpine area in Thianschan". There is a misprint in the year that Brotherus collected this specimen, since it reads 1996 - or perhaps it's not a mistake and simply proves that collecting bryophytes promotes longevity! This is one of the many specimens that have been received by the herbarium in Canberra, from overseas institutions, in exchange for Australian specimens.