Judy G. West

Executive Director,
Australian National Botanic Gardens

Branch Head
Parks Australia - Parks and Biodiversity Science

PhD, University of Adelaide, 1981

Judy G. West

Phone (+61) 02 6250 9501
Fax: (+61) 02 6250 9599


Australian National Botanic Gardens
GPO Box 1777
Canberra ACT 2601


My research interests centre around plant systematics of Australian plants, particularly relating to morphological and breeding system evidence in combination with molecular data. I have a very keen interest in widely disseminating the results of our taxonomic research and have focused on facilitating incorporation of this knowledge into interactive identification packages of nationally significant groups, such as eucalypts, legumes, grevilleas and orchids, as well as tropical rainforest plants. I also take an active interest in applications of biological collections data and identifying opportunities to value add to the herbarium collection.


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Systematic studies in Caryophyllales – Australian Caryophyllaceae & Portulacaceae

Taxonomy Research Information Network (TRIN) projects – weeds and knowledge exchange (completed)

Water for a Healthy Country – Terrestrial Biodiversity


Dan Rosauer PhD (University of New South Wales) Spatial distribution of phylogenetic diversity in Australia (completed).

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