Chris Howard

Post Doctoral Fellow

B.Biotech (Hons) 2001 The University of Wollongong
Ph.D. 2008 The University of Sydney

Chris Howard

(+61) 02 62465502


Centre for Australian National Biodiversity Research
CSIRO Plant Industry
GPO Box 1600
Canberra ACT 2601


Plant/Fungal Symbioses; Plant and Fungal Pathogen Interactions; Forensic Botany; Population Genetics


Howard CG, Gilmore S, Robertson J, Peakall R ( 2009) A Cannabis sativa STR Genotype Database for Australian Seizures: Forensic applications and limitations. Journal of Forensic Science 54 ( 3) : 556-563

Howard CG, Gilmore S, Robertson J, Peakall R (2008) Application of new DNA markers for forensic examination of Cannabis sativa seizures – Developmental validation of protocols and a genetic database. Monograph Series No. 29 National Drug Law Enforcement Research Fund, Hobart, Australia

Howard CG, Gilmore S, Robertson J, Peakall R ( 2008) Developmental Validation of a Cannabis sativa STR Multiplex System for Forensic Analysis. Journal of Forensic Science 53 ( 5): 1061-1067

Summerell B, Pongpisutta R, Howard C (2005) The biology of Phytophthora cinnamomi. Australasian Plant Conservation - Bulletin of the Australian Network for Plant Conservation Special Edition: Pathogens and Plant Conservation 13(4): 2-4.

Miller KJ, Howard CG (2004) Isolation of microsatellites from two species of scleractinian coral. Molecular Ecology Notes 4:11–13


Bulahdelah Bypass Orchid Conservation Project

Funded by the NSW Roads and Traffic Authority, the project aims to address issues for the survival, sustainability and translocation of three orchid species that are present within and adjacent to the Pacific Highway Upgrade on the foot slopes of Alum Mountain at Bulahdelah, NSW.

This is a multidisciplinary project that encompasses the study of the basic biology of these orchids, understanding their associated mycorrhizal fungi associations for propagation purposes, and the study of their overall taxonomic placement and genetic diversity.

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