Mark A. Clements

Research Scientist

Bachelor of Applied Science, (Canberra College of Advanced Education [Canberra University], 1981).
Graduate Diploma of Science (Australian National University, 1983).
Ph. D. (Australian National University, April, 1996).

Mark A. Clements

Phone (+61) 02 6246 5503

Fax: (+61) 02 6246 5249


Centre for Australian National Biodiversity Research
CSIRO Plant Industry
GPO Box 1600
Canberra ACT 2601


Orchidaceae (world wide but with emphasis on Australasian region),

Mycorrhizal associations in orchids.


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Systematic Studies In Orchidaceae

To study the biodiversity of the Australian Orchidaceae in relation to those of related floras and to carry out systematic, biological and molecular studies of these plants to elucidate their phylogenies. This involves studies in phylogeny and reproductive biology of the Orchidaceae; molecular analysis; systematics of the Orchidaceae of countries in the SW Pacific and Melanesia in relation to Australia; orchid mycorrhizal associations; in vitro propagation of orchids including endangered species. The project also involves compilation of photographic indices of Australian Orchidaceae and of Orchidaceae types.

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