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Heino Lepp's acknowledgements

There are various specific acknowledgements scattered through the website. This page contains the more general acknowledgements.

Jim Croft floated the idea of a bryophyte website and the Friends of the Australian National Botanic Gardens funded the development. As the recipient of those funds, I am of course very grateful!

Chris Cargill and Judith Curnow read, and commented on, all the draft sections and gave me free access to their bryological libraries. They also clarified many bryological issues for me and pointed me towards useful sources of information.

Murray Fagg has given the website a pleasing layout and has photographed various items at my request.

Siobhan Duffy composed the striking montage on the website's home page.

Karen Beckman answered some questions about the genus Riccia.

I thank Catherine Jordan, librarian at the Australian National Botanic Gardens, for getting loans or copies of literature unavailable in Canberra - and not yet on the internet.

Jack Elix obtained some literature for me from the Australian National University library.

Thanks to Kirsten Cowley I was able to study a reference in the rare book collection at the Centre for Plant Biodiversity Research, Canberra.

Friends of the Australian National Botanic Gardens

This web site was sponsored by the Friends of the Australian National Botanic Gardens, a non-profit support group for the Australian National Botanic Gardens. One of the objectives of the Friends is providing information and education to the community about growing, studying and promoting Australian plants.