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Aussie plants and people

Suitable for School Years 6 -12 and adults

Discover fascinating facts about the importance of Australian plants, their many uses by people through the ages, and the people who study and work with them.

Consider the use of flowers as emblems.  What do they represent?  Find out which flower costs up to $300 dollars per head.  Explore the myriad uses for Myrtaceae oils and find out how wattles got their name. 

This program also explores botany in art and literature, and the relationships between people and plants. 

Download the booklet which takes you around the main path in an hour. Teacher notes include explanations, suggested answers, and ideas for extension work when you are back at school.


Download 'Aussie Plants and People' teachers notes (PDF 666 KB)
Download 'Aussie Plants and People' student booklet (PDF 737 KB)

If you are unable to access these documents, please contact the Education Officer to organise a suitable alternative format.

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