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Adaptations of Australian plants

Teacher Guided

Suitable for yrs 4–12 | Duration: one hour

Discover how Australian plants have adapted to their unique environments by exploring some of the 7000 native species growing in the Gardens.
Investigate the rainforest, mallee, grasslands or alpine areas and discover the skills and characteristics plants have evolved to survive in different Australian landscapes.

Download teacher notes which provide background information, maps and sample questions that can be modified to meet student learning outcomes.

Download Rainforest Gully (teacher notes PDF - 593 KB)
Download Plants of the Mallee Shrublands (teacher notes PDF - 635 KB)

Also available as facilitated program - Around Oz

Students explore a diverse range of vegetation types in different parts of the Gardens living collection. Education Rangers will challenge students to:

  • Discover Australia’s diverse and changing landscapes
  • Explore the variety of weird and wonderful Australian plants
  • Connect your senses as you compare the conditions of each unique ecosystem Teacher Resources

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