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Shades of Eucalyptus - colours from the forest.
An exhibition of textiles by India Flint

This exhibition features work done by Adelaide textile artist India Flint as part of a thesis 'Arcadian Alchemy: Ecologically Sustainable Dyes for Textiles from the Eucalypt Forest'.

Ms Flint has undertaken extensive research into eucalypts as dyes, testing more than 250 samples from the Currency Creek Arboretum, Mount Lofty Botanic Garden and other sources. Her ‘eco-print’ process provides a quick testing method for the dye potential of eucalypts, using small quantities of leaves and water and no harmful mordants.

The exhibition includes seven spectacular felt gowns dyed with eucalypt extracts, sample fabric lengths and information about the key species used.
It also displays a selection of the more than 250 test samples the artist produced as part of her research and explains the ‘eco-print’ process
developed to test the colours of small leaf samples.

Free Artist’s Talk : Friday 22 February 1pm Gardens Theatrette

"Shades of Eucalyptus" is on display from 23 February to August 2002
in the Visitor Centre - 9.30 am to 4.30 pm daily.
Australian National Botanic Gardens, Canberra
Clunies Ross Street, Acton, ACT

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8 February 2002