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Botanic Gardens shows Floriade visitors how insects and dogs see colours

Visitors to Floriade can see a display showing how plants at the Australian National Botanic Gardens appear to humans, insects and dogs.

The display is part of the National Capital Attractions Association exhibition in the Exhibition Marquee, and was designed and assembled by Canberra Institute of Technology (CIT) Floristry students.

The Botanic Gardens display includes three identical arrangements, two of which have been sprayed to give an approximate idea of how the flowers appear to insects and dogs.

Many insects, including bees, cannot detect the colour red, and this arrangement features the colour blue. The arrangement demonstrating colur vision for dogs is in muted tones, because although it is a popular myth that dogs see in black and white, they do perceive some colour.

The Botanic Gardens arrangement is on display until Wednesday 25 September.

Contact: Paul Ziesing
Public Relations Officer
(02) 6250 9538
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20 September 2002