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Blooming Threads exhibition : media preview

An exhibition showcasing the extraordinary work of embroiderer Lynne Stone is set to open at the Australian National Botanic Gardens.

Blooming Threads features more than 40 handcrafted pieces which recreate the delicate beauty of Australian wildflowers.

Using wire and thread, Lynne’s work represents 19 different Australian native flowers of Eucalyptus, Callistemon, Acacia and Hakea species.

A former computer consultant and accomplished seamstress, Lynne has perfected her techniques over the past ten years, with astonishingly lifelike results. White thread is fashioned with a variety of tools including a computerised embroidery machine, sewing machine, surgeon’s forceps, flyfishing gadgets and a soldering iron. After stitching the work is tinted with specially prepared dyes.

The artworks demonstrate remarkable attention to detail, and are the product of carefully observing and recording the features of individual specimens. Some leaves and flowers even include natural blemishes and insect damage.

“I try to convey my delight in Australia’s native plants by creating realistic models using machine embroidery,” Ms Stone said. “ The detail of the piece is important - its myriad colours, the emerging flowers and leaves and marks of insect damage. Each new specimen demands new techniques, and each new technique presents new problems and new solutions.”

Along with this spectacular exhibition, Lynne Stone will conduct Meet the Maker workshops on Saturday 10 March and Sunday 22 April at 10am and 2.30pm. She will also demonstrate her techniques at her sewing machine in Maker in Action displays on Sunday 11 March and Saturday 21 April from 10am to 4pm.

Lynne Stone has previously exhibited in Yulara, Alice Springs, Darwin and Melbourne. She has also been involved in the traditional music scene for many years, and is a regular visitor to the National Folk Festival, held in Canberra each Easter.

Blooming Threads is on display in the Visitor Centre from Tuesday 6 March until Sunday 27 May 2007.

More information is available at and

What: Blooming Threads exhibition – media preview with Lynne Stone

Where: Visitor Centre, Australian National Botanic Gardens

When: Monday 5 March 2007, 11.00am


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