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Gardens limits access on days of Total Fire Ban

The Australian National Botanic Gardens has upgraded its fire procedures and on days of Total Fire Ban, when the ACT Emergency Services Bureau announces a yellow alert, all areas of the Gardens above the café will be closed. Only the lower parts of the site will be open to the general public.

The changes are designed to maximise public safety in these very dry summer conditions.

Notices informing the public will be placed at the front and rear entrances to the Gardens, and barriers placed at ten locations in the lower part of the site. The Visitor Centre, Botanical Bookshop and Hudsons café will all remain open for business.

The pedestrian gate to the Telstra Tower walking trail will be locked to prevent access to Canberra Nature Park from the Gardens. Pedestrian gates to CSIRO will also be locked.

The Gardens’ Summer Concert series commences on 6 January 2007 and Saturday events, which are held on the Eucalypt Lawn in the centre of the Gardens, will be cancelled on days of total fire ban conditions. However, this it will not affect the Sunday evening program, which is held at the Café Lawn.

It is important to note that groups with mobile phone contact will not be affected by any closures. This includes wedding parties and groups attending pre-booked functions, and members of the public on walks taken by the Gardens’ volunteer guides.

The announcement formalises arrangements which have implemented in previous years.

Media contact: Paul Ziesing
Communications Officer
(02) 6250 9405 or 0418 955 661


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