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Phoenix – Fire and Australian Plants


The Australian National Botanic Gardens’ spectacular new exhibition Phoenix – Fire and Australian Plants uncovers the fascinating story of the adaptations of Australian plants to fire, and how in fact, some rely on fire for their survival.

Fire is a natural characteristic of the Australian landscape. Discover how the unique features of Australian plants enable them to handle fire, and in some cases flourish. Gain an insight into work going on around the ACT and throughout the Australian Alps in rehabilitating previously burnt areas.

This is sure to be a popular exhibition with its colourful images and information panels set on a smoky backdrop. It also features a special children’s exhibition of paper sculptures by David Miller, created to illustrate the childrens’ book “Where there’s smoke” written by Robin Lovell.

What: Phoenix – Fire and Australian Plants exhibition

When: 24 December 2005 – 12 March 2006

Times: 9am – 4.30pm

Where: Visitor Centre Gallery – Australian National Botanic Gardens, Black Mountain ACT

Cost: Free



Media contact: Sabrina Sonntag

Communications Officer

(02) 6250 9538





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