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A tree in the palm of your hand…
The Second National Exhibition of Australian Plants as Bonsai

Although Australian plant species have been grown as bonsai since the early 20th century, the national exhibition that opens at the Australian National Botanic Gardens today is only the second to display only native species.

The exhibition includes demonstrations on how to work with bonsai at 11.00am and 2.00pm each day, and a lecture today at 12.30pm on the aesthetics and excitement of Australian bonsai.

Many superb specimens will be displayed, including species of Callistemon, Acacia, Backhousia and Melaleuca. The exhibition also includes a catalogue that provides fascinating insights into the backgrounds of the plants displayed.

"Bonsai is an ancient horticultural art form that originated in China X years ago, before extending to Japan, and in the last 100 years throughout much of the world," said Dr Roger Hnatiuk, a member of the Canberra Bonsai Society. "It combines horticultural and artistic skills to produce living sculptures that evoke feelings of beauty and dignity in the face of difficulties encountered in life".

The exhibition is open in the Banks Building until Sunday 21 November, from 9.30am until 4.30 pm each day.

For more information contact the Visitor Centre on 02 6250 9540.


Dr Roger Hnatiuk, Canberra Bonsai Society, is available for interview at the Botanic Gardens every day of the exhibition.

Bonsai demonstrations are scheduled for 11.00am and 2.00pm each day – Media welcome!


19 November 2004

Media contact:
Paul Ziesing
Communications Officer
Australian National Botanic Gardens
(02) 6250 9546 and 0418 955 661


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