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Staff vehicle movement and parking policy for ANBG site

1. Policy Statement

The Australian National Botanic Gardens (ANBG) management have made decisions on staff vehicle movement and parking to maximise safety and address OH&S concerns for both the public and staff.

2.0 Application

2.1 This policy applies to all staff employed at the ANBG site. It includes all licensees.
This policy does not apply to work vehicles.

2.2 Definition:

For the purposes of this policy vehicles are defined to include cars, vans, trucks and motor bikes as well as bicycles and cycles.

3.0 Car parking

3.1 The northern car park is only available for visitors with the exception of motorcycles in motor cycle parking area.

3.2 ANBG and ABRS staff, café and bookshop staff, holders of permits ( Friends, guides, external people on research permits, etc.) are to use the Southern part of the main car park only, and only the lower three levels. The policy aims to promote access and usage of the Visitor Information Centre by the public.

3.3 If the southern car park is required for other reasons such as events, staff will be notified of alternative parking arrangements.

3.4 Staff with a physical condition which requires them to have a closer car park should make a request directly to the Chief Ranger.

4.0 Gate closing

4.1 Staff commencing work prior to 8am will be required to lock front gate behind them.

Correspondingly gate is locked at 5pm and staff gardens are required to lock gate after exiting. This is to minimize public liability and security risks and likelihood of kangaroo entry.

4.2 Perimeter gates are too be kept closed at all times, this is essential in the early morning hours and late afternoon to again minimize kangaroo entry.

5.0 Vehicle movements within the ANBG

5.1 No vehicles, including motor bikes, should be driven or ridden through gardens during open hours.

5.2 Bicycles may be ridden with care through the gardens by staff on bitumen roads only (not pedestrian paths) when traveling to and from work. (before 8.30AM and after 5.00PM). The exception is traveling to the CPBR during work hours and then only to use bitumen roads.

5.3 All vehicles must obey the speed limit of 20 km/hr and take extreme care as the gardens is a pedestrian precinct.

5.4 All bikes and motor bikes should be stored in such a way that they do not pose any obstruction or hazard. Bikes are provided with bink racks

5.5 No vehicle should be driven between the VIC and Admin buildings as this is a high use pedestrian area.

6 Implementation, monitoring and reveiw

6.1 The ranger staff, under supervision from the Chief Ranger, are responsible for the implementation and monitoring of this policy.

6.2 This policy will be reviewed every two years from the date of its endorsement, unless a review is required earlier by the Director of the Australian National Botanic Gardens.

7 Revelvant legislation/Literature


Policy signed by a/g Director:

Jim Croft

20 November 2007



Updated 3 December, 2007 , webmaster, ANBG (anbg-info@anbg.gov.au)