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Gardens Memorial Seat Fund

A gift in memory to the life of someone special is a thoughtful way to pay tribute to a loved one while providing support to the Australian National Botanic Gardens. Memorial seats may also be set up in recognition of a special event or occasion such as a wedding or birth.

The Gardens Memorial Seat fund allows you to sponsor a seat that features a commemorative plaque. Minimum donation amounts are listed in the relevant policy, but donations of all amounts are gratefully received.

Enquiries on the Gardens Memorial Seat Fund should be made to the ANBG Marketing Manager on (02) 6250 9405.

Section 9.6 of the ANBG Plan of Management provides for a scheme to encourage people to donate funds to place memorial seats within the Gardens.

The plaques are made of brass, 12cm x 4cm in size, fixed to the centre of the headrest.

The ANBG Marketing Manager will determine the design of the seat in line with the current outdoor furniture style. In the event of a seat being damaged or defaced, the plaque will be placed on a new or alternative seat in the same location (or at least close by).

The Gardens will endeavour to place a new seat at a location of your choice, depending on installation, maintenance and planning considerations. The exact location cannot be guaranteed for the duration of the donation, but a sympathetic relocation is ensured and if possible, will be discussed with the donor.

Plaques are guaranteed to remain on the seat for a minimum of 10 years. At the end of the donation period, the ANBG will endeavour to contact the donor to determine if an extension is wanted.

The costs are as follows:

  • ANBG existing seat donation $1500
  • ABNG new seat donation $5000

The costs cover the plaque and in the case of Option B, the purchase of a new seat.

Peter Byron
General Manager
Australian National Botanic Gardens

Date of Policy revision: October 2010

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