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ANBG Education Services Policy Document

ANBG Education Services aims to:

Our programs reach broadly across the Australian school curricula and provide for special needs, senior citizens, tertiary educators and students.

We achieve our aims through the following key activities.

Education Services approach to activities in the Gardens.

Our programs are flexible, educationally sound, hands-on, challenging, and often can't be done at school.

Our approach has the following features:

Our programs come with:

We also seek partnerships and links with others agencies.

Gardens Classroom Accredited Teacher Workshops

We encourage teachers to participate in a Gardens Classroom familiarisation workshop before making an excursion booking.

We feel it is important that teachers become familiar with the Gardens Classroom facilities, the resources we have that you can use, and the duty of care/OH&S issues you need to be aware of. Our education staff can work with you to develop a great program for the day.

Free teacher workshops are held regularly (on demand), either after school or during school holidays.

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