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About the Hypertext version of the


The ANBG Plan of Management was published in paper form in 1993. In December of that year, an unformatted ASCII export of the files was marked up in HTML to enable the delivery of this to the World Wide Web and its viewing through NCSA's Mosaic client software, as well as other WWW viewers.

Internal technicalities

The document is delivered by the WWW server at the Australian National Botanic Gardens using NCSA's HTTPD server software. Extensive use is made of the NCSA 'server-side include file' facility so that the documents retrieved by clients are dynamically generated on the fly and are not necessarily as they are stored on the server.

Each section or subsection (ie. the smallest logical self-contained component of text) is stored as a seperate file. Depending on the client request, these small files will either be devivered as a single document, or combined into a larger document which is then delivered as a single item.

Browsing the Plan of Management

Primary access to the Plan is through the Table of Contents. Scan through the 90 or so entries in the table and select the highlighted topic that interests you; this topic will then be delivered. Return to the Contents page to select the next topic.

The arrangement of the text in this hypertext version of the plan is hierarchical. Selecting a major heading will retrieve all of the information in the subjects and subheadings below it. For example, selecting Volunteers will return only the section dealing with volunteers. Selecting the next level up, Community involvement, will deliver the same information but in the context of other community activities. The next higher level (chapter), Promoting Australia's flora, delivers this information in the context of all other promotional, educational and interpretational activites for the Gardens.

Jumping about

Highlighted text (underlined, coloured or inverse video) in the documents will point to other sections in the plan with related information. Selecting these highlights will jump to the related section which may then enable you to jump to another section. If you get lost, backout through the sections to where you started from, or return to the table of contents and start again.

In some cases links will be provided to Gardens information and resources outside the Plan of Management. When you have finished reading or using these resources, backout to where you started from in the Plan.

Editorial comments and inclusions

In several cases, to make the hypertext version of the Plan come together smoothly, and to add links to background and explanatory material (such as this page), headings and text that were not part of the published management plan have been included. The inclusion of such material is indicated by square barckets '[]'.

Otherwise, the text and layout of this hypertext version of the ANBG Plan of Management is as published.

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