This Plan of Management has been developed on the basis of the financial and staff resources and knowledge currently available and the management techniques considered appropriate at this time. Our knowledge will, however, continue to improve and management practices can be expected to change with time. Most importantly, effective management of the Gardens and the implementation of the Plan of Management will depend on the provision of the necessary resources.

The Plan has been prepared on the basis of expectations considered appropriate in the current circumstances. Circumstances and expectations may well change during the five-year life of the Plan and it is prudent to establish mechanisms for reviewing and evaluating the effectiveness of the Plan and to provide for modification and amendment to it.

Review of the Plan may be carried out at any time and with any frequency. It is, however, intended that the Australian National Botanic Gardens Advisory Committee will annually review progress in implementing the Plan. These annual reviews will examine the extent to which the management strategies adopted have been implemented and are meeting the stated objectives and goals. They will also consider how available resources might be best allocated to meet the range of objectives identified.

If as a result of a review it is proposed to amend this Plan, such amendment will be carried out in accordance with the provisions of Section 13 of the National Parks and Wildlife Conservation Act 1975.