The Black Mountain site in Canberra has a number of sewer lines that join the city's sewerage system. From the central areas, these lines join the city's system to the east and from the northern areas the lines run to the north. A lengthy section of sewer line exists in the undeveloped southern part of the Gardens and joins one in the central area.

The sewage outfall from the Research Laboratory is filtered and decontaminated in accordance with approved health and environmental safety standards.

At the Jervis Bay site, sewage is collected in septic tanks, which are pumped out on a regular basis by a contractor.

Management prescriptions


The objective is to provide for appropriate sewage disposal from the sites.


Existing sewerage lines in Canberra will be maintained and planning for any further sewage disposal will be incorporated in any new developments. At Jervis Bay the potential to replace the septic tank system with composting toilets will be examined.