The electricity supply for the Gardens in Canberra and at Jervis Bay is taken from the local distribution system. At Jervis Bay power distribution is limited to the administration building and adjoining small nursery, the water pump at the lake and the "Green Hut".

Three supply lines provide power to the Gardens in Canberra, two serving the northern area and the other the major buildings in the central area. The supply to the central area has recently been upgraded to provide a more reliable service to buildings and facilities and to include the Crosbie Morrison Centre. There are filtered and battery back-up systems connected to the PABX, the computer network and hardware in the Botany Building, the computers in the Franklin Building, and the irrigation control system. Four of the glasshouses are heated using electricity; the other three use diesel, with a gas-fired back-up system to two of them. The bushfire protection system is controlled by electric pumps with a diesel back-up system. Gas is used to heat some of the main buildings.

Management prescriptions


The objective is to provide a reliable and efficient power supply for facilities and management of the Gardens, including a filtered and uninterruptible power supply to computing systems.


In Canberra, the electricity supply to the northern parts of the Gardens will be examined in the context of developments proposed for that area and will be rationalised and upgraded as necessary. An uninterruptible power supply will be provided to computing facilities in the administration and public programs buildings. Alternatives to the electric heating systems in the older glasshouses will be examined and more cost efficient solutions will be adopted where appropriate.

Power supply needs at Jervis Bay will be examined during the preparation of the development planning guide and will be upgraded as necessary.