Rubbish is generated by the activities of visitors and staff on both sites and by the kiosk and bookshop activities in Canberra. Small rubbish bins around the site are emptied by staff into large hoppers that are cleared by contractors. At the Canberra site, these hoppers are also used by cleaners of office buildings and the lessees of the bookshop and kiosk. Separate collections are made of paper and cardboard and of aluminium cans for recycling.

Management prescriptions


The objectives are to keep the Gardens free from rubbish, thus keeping them healthy and attractive, and to maximise recycling of waste materials.


The current rubbish collection methods will be continued and improved wherever possible. The present rubbish bins will be replaced progressively with a type of bin that prevents birds from getting to the rubbish and scattering it. Ways of improving recycling efforts and reducing waste will be further investigated and staff will be encouraged to contribute to the development of environmentally sound work practices.

Rubbish generated from kiosk purchases will be monitored with a view to seeking alternatives to products identified as contributing excessively to rubbish volumes.