The plantings in the developed sections of the Gardens are displayed in garden beds separated by paths. Beds that have been developed more recently display ecological themes and attempt to portray the landscape of the area from which the plants were collected. This is particularly so in the Tasmanian Garden in Canberra, where attention has been paid to the aesthetics of the landscaping as well as the construction of growing niches that mirror as far as possible the natural environment, and in the rainforest gully at Jervis Bay where plantings have been sited to integrate with the remnant rainforest in the area.

Plants that will not grow in the open in Canberra or Jervis Bay are currently held in the Nursery, under modified growing conditions. If these are to be viewed by the public artificial environments will need to be constructed in the public areas of the Gardens.

Management prescriptions


The objective is to develop for the living collections landscape settings and growing conditions that reflect their natural environment and so enable the plants to thrive.


In Canberra priority will be given to completing the development of the Tasmanian and the Sydney Basin displays, rejuvenating the Rock Garden, and further developing the rainforest, mallee and coastal heath displays. Planning and design of an orchid conservatory and a facility to display alpine plants will be carried out and construction of these facilities may proceed if resources permit. New displays of the flora of the Australian Capital Territory region and of woodland and grassland flora will be planned and developed, and planning may also begin for a tropical conservatory, to be sited at the head of the Rainforest Gully.

At Jervis Bay a detailed strategy for developing displays of regional flora, including littoral rainforest and heath, will be prepared and implemented.