6.7 Law Enforcement


Rangers and wardens are appointed pursuant to the National Parks and Wildlife Conservation Act 1975 and exercise the powers and functions conferred on them by the Act and its associated Regulations. In addition, under Section 38 of the Act any member of the Australian Federal Police is ex officio a warden and the Gardens cooperates with the Police in relevant matters. The Regulations have been reviewed and amended recently to make them more applicable to the requirements of the Gardens.

Staff appointed as rangers or wardens have received training in law enforcement procedures. When breaches of Regulations have been detected, however, the matter has been dealt with by counselling and warning of offenders rather than prosecution.

Management prescriptions


The objectives are to ensure that appropriate Regulations are established and enforced and to ensure that staff and visitors understand the Regulations.


The Regulations will be reviewed and amended as necessary to give effect to this Plan. Staff will continue to identify law enforcement problems and make recommendations for a workable law enforcement strategy. Cooperation with the Australian Federal Police on relevant matters will continue.

Emphasis will continue to be placed on providing appropriate training for staff involved in law enforcement and raising visitor awareness and understanding of the Regulations. Consideration will be given to the need for provision of additional information to meet this end. Staff will continue to monitor visitor use of the Gardens to ensure proper use and prevent activities that threaten the facilities or integrity of the Gardens.