6.6 Health and Safety


Responsibilities for the health and safety of Gardens staff and visitors to the Gardens arise from the Occupational Health and Safety (Commonwealth Employment) Act 1991. This legislation aims to protect employees and persons at or near the workplace from risks to health and safety arising out of the activities carried out in the workplace. The Gardens are a workplace in the terms of the Act and, since many of the routine tasks associated with managing the Gardens pose potential health and safety risks, safety is a particular concern.

A major aim of management has been to minimise the incidence of health and safety problems for staff and visitors to the Gardens. Staff have been provided with training in dealing with emergencies and close links have been maintained with the Police, Ambulance Service and Bushfire Council. Care is taken to minimise risks to the public in everyday working procedures, and staff members in each working area are trained in first aid.

Some areas of the Gardens are closed occasionally in the interest of public safety; for example, paths and boardwalks made slippery by frost. Procedures have been established for evacuating visitors and staff in the event of a bushfire threat and have worked successfully on two recent occasions, when fire has threatened the Canberra site.

Management prescriptions


The objectives are to provide a safe and healthy environment for staff to work in and for visitors to enjoy.


Reducing threats to the health and safety of staff and visitors will continue to be given high priority. Staff will be provided with special training in dealing with emergencies and close links with the Bushfire Council, Police and Ambulance Service will be maintained. If necessary to ensure visitor safety, the Gardens or particular sections may be closed during periods of fire hazard or severe frost.

Training in safe working practices will be programmed for all staff and regular inspections of premises and work practices will be undertaken to ensure adherence to appropriate standards. First aid training will continue to be provided to ensure that at least one member of staff in each work area is appropriately trained.