6.5 Staff training and development


Staff training and development is a critical aspect of the management of the Gardens. As a consequence of award restructuring there is considerable opportunity to expand and further develop staff skills, and training is expected to provide benefits in terms of personal development and improved work performance.

Staff training has focussed predominantly on the development of professional and technical skills essential for those working at the Gardens. The Australian Nature Conservation Agency has provided a range of in-house training programs, facilitated attendance at external courses, seminars and conferences, and commenced a staff interchange program with other botanic gardens.

Management prescriptions


The objectives are to provide training to enhance career opportunities and job satisfaction through multi-skilling at all levels of the Gardens workforce and to improve staff development efforts, focussing particularly on individual needs and aspirations.


Training needs and profiles will be recorded and monitored to assist in developing career paths for individual staff and a continuing program of in-service training will be conducted to help staff to develop necessary skills and qualifications. Access to a broad range of internal and external courses, seminars and staff counselling services will continue to be provided and facilitated through the Australian Nature Conservation Agency staff development unit. The development of further programs for staff interchange with other botanic gardens will be pursued.