Until recently the use of external funding for the Gardens' programs was limited to applications for grants and similar support for research and survey work. Fund-raising was not actively pursued because the Gardens was unable to retain such income. Government policy now permits the Gardens to retain and use income from a broader range of sources. Gifts and donations can be accepted and in certain circumstances the donor may qualify for income tax deductions.

The Gardens has started to make use of its ability to raise funds in this way. The Friends of the Gardens are currently the main source of donation, having contributed funds to assist a range of programs. One of the aims of the Friends is to raise funds to support the Gardens' activities.

Management prescriptions


The objective is to seek new sources of funds to support the Gardens' programs.


Potential ways of increasing funding will be explored and implemented where they are consistent with government policy and the aims of the Gardens. Grants and similar support for research projects will continue to be sought. Sponsorship of new developments will be encouraged and acknowledged with naming rights or similar recognition.

The Friends of the Gardens will continue to be an important mechanism for attracting gifts and donations and their activities will be strongly supported.