As a national institution and a Commonwealth government entity, the Gardens has a responsibility to work cooperatively with other organisations, nationally and internationally, to further its aims. It is expected to be a leader in its fields of endeavour, to organise conferences, to establish networks and to provide training and work experience programs to assist the development of botanic gardens in the AsiaPacific region. It is also expected to be a source of coordination and a focus for the development of ideas.

Gardens staff participate in a wide range of organisations dealing with the full spectrum of activities involved in the management of botanic gardens and herbaria and plant conservation. The Gardens is committed to continuing its contribution to and participation in these activities, to making available its expertise, to disseminating the information it has acquired, and to keeping abreast of advances in these areas at both national and international levels. In order that the Gardens can continue to fulfil this role it is vital that sufficient resources are forthcoming to permit national coordination of activities and projects.