4.5.2 Volunteers


Volunteers play an invaluable role in the work of the Gardens. Volunteers have assisted with the therapeutic horticulture program in the Banksia Centre since its establishment. The volunteers' role at the Gardens was widely publicised with the commencement of the Friends' guides service. Many activities in the Herbarium are also undertaken by volunteers, who gain a broad knowledge of the Australian flora while contributing their time. The interpretive hand-out sheet In Flower this Week has been produced by volunteers since 1985.

In May 1992 volunteers working at the Gardens came under the umbrella of the Commonwealth Employees' Rehabilitation and Compensation Act 1988, which provides for workers' compensation insurance in the event of any mishap in the workplace.

Management prescriptions


The objective is to maintain active links with the community by supporting and encouraging volunteers to assist in a range of activities in the Gardens.


Volunteers will be encouraged to contribute their time and labour to the Gardens wherever possible, and staff will be trained to supervise and provide guidance to volunteers in an appropriate manner. Care will be taken in choosing tasks suitable for volunteers.

Records will be kept of the times that each volunteer is working in the Gardens to satisfy the requirements of the workers' compensation regulations.

The Friends' guides will continue to be supported and training programs will be continued to maintain the guides' expertise and confidence in dealing with visitors. New training programs will be arranged when necessary to increase the number of guides and enable the service to be extended.

The Herbarium will continue to encourage volunteer workers while providing on-the-job training in various tasks related to the scientific study of the Australian flora. Volunteers will be encouraged to continue their valuable contribution to the therapeutic horticulture program at the Banksia Centre.

The potential for greater involvement of volunteers in the Jervis Bay area will be investigated.