The Gardens aims to make each person's visit an enjoyable experience by encouraging and allowing visitors to fulfil their recreational pursuits while not degrading the educational and scientific functions of the Gardens or inhibiting the enjoyment of other visitors to the Gardens. It is recognised that people who might not otherwise visit the Gardens may be encouraged to come in response to some other recreational pursuit. These new visitors may then be influenced by the Gardens educational and interpretive programs.

The Gardens organises a variety of outdoor recreational activities including musical performances and theatre as well as children's clowns and other activities for the young. Recreational programs are organised for people with a wide range of ages and abilities. Holiday activities for school-children using games or the making creatures out of seeds and fruits often link or merge with educational programs. Similar programs, tailored to the needs of people with intellectual disabilities can improve their quality of life. Craft activities and flower arranging for adults may stand alone or be linked to horticultural programs, and early morning bird-watching tours could equally be classed as recreational or educational. All these activities raise public awareness of the environment.

Management prescriptions


The objective is to encourage visitors to fulfil their recreational wishes in a manner consistent with the educational and horticultural values of botanic gardens.


The Gardens will continue to promote recreational activities to encourage people of all ages, abilities and backgrounds to enjoy botanic gardens. Visitors will be discouraged from indulging in activities likely to be detrimental to the well being of plants or to inhibit the enjoyment of other visitors.

Recreational activities at the Banksia Centre will be provided to a wider range of visitors as part of the integration of programs for people with disabilities with other Gardens activities. In organising recreational activities, the Gardens will take special account of the needs of the elderly and the frail aged.

Holiday programs for children will continue with innovative and enjoyable environmentally sound activities which make use of the Gardens resources. Musical and other entertainments which are not inconsistent with the aims of the Gardens will be organised from time to time.