4.1.4 Promoting the Gardens


Promotion of the Gardens through both conventional and innovative advertising and promotional programs is important to increase visitor numbers and thus raise public awareness of Australia's flora. The Gardens places advertisements in a range of publications, including local newspapers, gardening journals and specialist periodicals, both for general promotion and to promote special activities. A travelling display is used to promote the Gardens at a range of venues in Canberra and interstate.

From time to time the Gardens has been involved in other forms of promotion, such as a painted-all-over ACTION bus with a botanical and Gardens theme, a Telecom Phonecard with a view of the Rainforest Gully, radio quiz programs with questions about the Gardens and Australian flora, and the provision of Gardens products or services as prizes or giveaways in the media.

Through the National Capital Attractions Association the Gardens joins with other visitor attractions in the Australian Capital Territory in a range of activities to boost tourism to Canberra and hence to the member institutions. The Canberra Passport for children is an example of a successful promotion of this nature.

Media sponsorship has been successfully sought from several Canberra companies to promote the Gardens and its special events. Several community festivals have been held at the Gardens in Canberra and at Jervis Bay, where the scientific and horticultural displays were blended with a range of entertainments and plant sales. Paid and sponsored advertising drew large crowds to these events, and they introduced the Gardens to many people.

The Jervis Bay site has not been heavily promoted, although limited promotion at the opening of the Jervis Bay National Park resulted in a significant increase in visitor numbers.

Management prescriptions


The objective is to increase visitation and use of the Gardens by all sections of the community through promotional activities.


The Gardens will continue to seek and undertake innovative promotional activities to encourage visitation and promote the Australian flora. Cooperation with other visitor attractions in Canberra will continue, and close ties will be maintained with the Australian Capital Territory tourism authorities.

To raise public awareness of its activities and to promote specific events, the Gardens will continue to advertise in a range of publications and the electronic media. Promotional means will include articles, editorial comment and features that focus public attention on the Gardens' activities and programs. Media releases will be prepared to inform the press of activities at the Gardens and media sponsorship for advertising and promotion will be sought. Travelling displays will continue to be used to promote the Gardens at appropriate local and national events.

Special events will be held at the Gardens from time to time to raise community awareness of the Gardens and its activities and to encourage visitors. The Friends of the Gardens will continue to be supported and their newsletter will be used to inform the interested community of Gardens activities.

The Friends' guides will be kept informed of activities so that they can fulfil their role as ambassadors for the Gardens.