4.1.1 Understanding visitors and their needs


Each year about 350 000 people visit the Gardens in Canberra and about 44 000 visit those at Jervis Bay. In Canberra the peak visitation month is October (see Figure 4.1) and at Jervis Bay it is January (see Figure 4.2).

Studies of visitor use, experiences and perceptions of the Gardens and opinions about management options for the future were undertaken in 1987 and 1992. The 1992 survey results revealed the following visitor profile.

Management prescriptions


The objective is to gain a greater understanding of Gardens visitors and their needs.


Visitor surveys will be undertaken from time to time to determine visitor expectations, levels of visitor satisfaction, attitudes to management issues, and the effectiveness of interpretation programs. Results will be taken into account in the provision of services and facilities.

Information about visitor use of the Gardens will continue to be gathered by counting people entering the gates and the Information Centre. A more sophisticated system of vehicle counting will be installed in Canberra when the front entrance is relocated and at the northern entrance to the Gardens (if this is open to the public).

Visitor numbers for the Information Centre in Canberra will continue to be derived from an infra-red `eye' at the entrance door and additional information about the use of various paths and trails in the Gardens will be gathered by installing outdoor `people counters'.