3.4.2 Networking


Computers and work stations within the Gardens have recently been connected by a network that has links with external national and international organisations. This has enabled rapid and efficient electronic communications and transmission of data and information.

The Gardens network is connected to the Australian Nature Conservation Agency head office through an ISDN link and is connected to AARNet (the Australian Academic Research Network), giving electronic communication to national and international universities and botanical institutions through Internet. The Gardens has installed a fibre-optic FDDI-compliant network linking all the major buildings of the Canberra site; the FDDI network links sub-networks in each of the buildings.

Management prescriptions


The objectives are to maintain an efficient network of computing facilities for the Gardens, to provide general access to relevant data sources and appropriate information-processing tools.


The communications network in the Gardens will be extended to connect all computers on the site. Connection to external organisations will be maintained so that users have access to remote network services and facilities. Information in the form of documents and access to the database will be published on the network and made available for scientific research and environmental management.

Appropriate security measures will continue to be taken so as to prevent unauthorised access and to minimise malicious or unintentional damage to the Gardens network or databases. The back-up strategy will ensure that data are recoverable in the event of a catastrophic system failure.

An upgrade and implementation program will be established to ensure access to the latest versions of licensed software and that such software is properly installed and supported. Hardware will be upgraded in a timely manner to ensure that the Gardens is not constrained by obsolete technology. In all cases, GOSIP (Government Open Systems Interconnect Profile) and industry standards will be followed.

Staff training and instruction in the use of new applications and equipment will be provided when applications and equipment are installed. Training will take the form of computer-aided instruction packages, formal training and on-the-job instruction and experience. Self-instruction will be encouraged.