3.1.3 Maintenance of scientific vouchers


The initial purpose of the scientific study of plants in the Gardens was identification and authentication of plants in the living collections. Although the Herbarium and research activities have developed considerably and now fulfil many other functions, the provision of reliable vouchered identifications for the living collections and other botanical projects is still a most significant role. The strong functional link between the living collections and the Herbarium vouchers is a major characteristic that distinguishes the Australian National Botanic Gardens from other botanic gardens.

Management prescriptions


The objective is to maintain a comprehensive set of reliably identified scientific voucher specimens of plants growing in the living collections, plant groups under study by the Gardens, and plants represented in the National Plant Photographic Index.


The Herbarium will continue to house and maintain voucher specimens of the Gardens' living collections. Voucher specimens for other scientific programs such as botanical research and survey and the National Plant Photographic Index will also be maintained. These specimens will be curated to the highest archival standard and will be reliably identified according to the most recent and most reliable botanical publications, thus ensuring that plants growing in the Gardens can be correctly identified.