The Australian National Botanic Gardens is a major scientific and educational resource. It is the original national collection and the world's most comprehensive display of living Australian native plants. At the Gardens, which are located in Canberra and at Jervis Bay, people can experience the great diversity, colour, and special beauty of Australian native plants.

This Plan of Management has been prepared by the Director of National Parks and Wildlife, in consultation with the Australian National Botanic Gardens Advisory Committee and following discussions with interested parties and consideration of approximately 50 public representations resulting from the notice of intention to prepare a plan for the Gardens issued on 25 January 1992. On 15 May 1993 a Plan of Management for the Gardens was released for public comment. Sixteen representations were received which led to a number of revisions to the Plan before its submission to the Parliament.

The Gardens today are the result of a skilful development of horticultural techniques and scientific research, with recreational and educational features that make them both an international scientific resoure and a popular place to visit. They are young in comparison with the world's best known botanic gardens and this makes their achievements very impressive. The further development of the Gardens as a national scientific, educational, conservation and recreational resource, with a special interest in the presentation of the Australian flora to the public, is the primary purpose of this the first Plan of Management for the Australian National Botanic Gardens.

Peter Bridgewater
Chief Executive Officer
Australian Nature Conservation Agency