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A Taxonomic Revision of Eucalyptus ser. Argyrophyllae

M.I.H. Brooker, A.V. Slee and J.D. Briggs

Centre for Plant Biodiversity Research, G.P.O. Box 1600, Canberra, A.C.T. 2601 Australia.


The Eucalyptus ser.Argyrophyllae Blakely is revised. The series consists of the earlier published taxa, E. cinerea, E cephalocarpa, E. nova-angelica, E. triplex (reduced herein to E. cinerea subsp. triplex), E. alligatrix and E. conspicua, plus two new taxa described herein, E. alligatrix subspp. limaensis and miscella. The taxa occur from far south-eastern Queensland to central and eastern Victoria. A short summary of the species making up the series is given, followed by notes on the diagnostic, morphological features for the series. Notes on the distribution, habitat and conservation status are given for all taxa in the series, and representative specimens are illustrated.

Published in: Australian Systematic Botany Vol. 8: 499-520 (1995).

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