Australian Orchid Genera - Name Changes


Changes to botanical names are a routine consequence of research into any plant group. In the last decade various genera of Australian orchids have been subject to detailed research by workers on both sides of the continent. Recent research in Canberra has included molecular studies which for the first time provide important information on the ancestral relationships of genera. As a result of these studies Australian Orchidaceae has undergone significant taxonomic and nomenclatural changes at both generic and specific rank. The generic treatment of Mark Clements and David Jones in Canberra is used as a basis for this key. This treatment is not universally accepted and a simple cross-reference list is included here to facilitate understanding of the recent changes to generic names.
If you want further details on synonomy see the Australian Orchid Name Index under the Browse Genera menu.

Abaxianthus segregate genus from Flickingeria
Acianthella segregate genus from Acianthus
Acianthus see also Acianthella, Cyrtostylis and Nemacianthus
Adelopetalum segregate genus from Bulbophyllum
Anzybas segregate genus from Corybas
Aporopsis - segregate genus from Dendrobium
Appendicula segregate genus from Podochilus
Arachnorchis segregate genus from Caladenia
Arthrochilus see also Phoringopsis and Thynninorchis
Australorchis segregate genus from Dendrobium
Blepharochilum segregate genus from Bulbophyllum
Bryobium segregate genus from Eria
Bulbophyllum see also Adelopetalum, Blepharochilum, Carparomorchis, Cirrhopetalum, Ephippium, Fruticicola, Kaurorchis, Oncophyllum, Oxysepala, Papulipetalum, Serpenticaulis and Spilorchis
Bulbophyllum baileyi see Carparomorchis
Bulbophyllum clavigerum see Cirrhopetalum
Bulbophyllum evasum see Kaurorchis
Bulbophyllum exiguum see Adelopetalum
Bulbophyllum johnsonii see Serpenticaulis
Bulbophyllum macphersonii see Blepharochilum
Bulbophyllum masdevalliaceum see Ephippium
Bulbophyllum minutissimum see Oncophyllum
Bulbophyllum nematopodum see Papulipetalum
Bulbophyllum radicans see Fruticicola
Bulbophyllum schilleriana see Oxysepala
Bulbophyllum weinthalii see Spilorchis
Bunochilus segregate genus from Pterostylis
Caladenia see also Arachnorchis, Cyanicula, Drakonorchis, Ericksonella, Jonesiopsis, Leptoceras, Petalochilus, Pheladenia, Praecoxanthus and Stegostyla
Carparomorchis segregate genus from Bulbophyllum
Cepobaculum segregate genus from Dendrobium
Ceraia segregate genus from Dendrobium
Ceratobium segregate genus from Dendrobium
Cestichis segregate from Liparis
Chiloglottis see also Myrmechila and Simpliglottis
Chiloterus segregate genus from Prasophyllum
Cirrhopetalum segregate genus from Bulbophyllum
Coelandria segregate genus from Dendrobium
Conostalix segregate genus from Dendrobium
Cooktownia segregate genus from Habenaria
Corunastylis segregate genus from Genoplesium
Corybas see also Anzybas, Corysanthes and Nematoceras
Corysanthes segregate genus from Corybas
Crangonorchis segregate genus from Pterostylis
Crepidium segregate genus from Malaxis
Cyanicula segregate genus from Caladenia
Cyrtostylis segregate genus from Acianthus
Davejonesia segregate genus from Dendrobium
Demorchis segregate from Gastrodia
Dendrobium see also Aporopsis, Australorchis, Cepobaculum, Ceraia, Ceratobium, Coelandria, Conostalix, Davejonesia, Dichopus, Dockrillia, Durabaculum, Eleutheroglossum, Grastidium, Leioanthum, Monanthos, Stilbophyllum, Tetrabaculum, Thelychiton, Trachyrhizum, Tropilis and Vappodes
Dendrobium aemulum see Tropilis
Dendrobium agrostophyllum see Trachyrrhizum
Dendrobium antennatum see Ceratobium
Dendrobium bifalce see Leioanthum
Dendrobium bigibbum see Vappodes
Dendrobium canaliculatum see Cepobaculum
Dendrobium crumenatum see Ceraia
Dendrobium discolor see Durabaculum
Dendrobium insigne see Dichopus
Dendrobium kingianum see Thelychiton
Dendrobium lichenastrum see Davejonesia
Dendrobium linguiforme see Dockrillia
Dendrobium litorale see Aporopsis
Dendrobium lobbii see Conostalix
Dendrobium malbrownii see Monanthos
Dendrobium monophyllum see Australorchis
Dendrobium smilliae see Coelandria
Dendrobium speciosum see Thelychiton
Dendrobium teretifolia see Dockrillia
Dendrobium tetragonum see Tetrabaculum
Dendrobium toressae see Stilbophyllum
Dichopus segregate from Dendrobium
Dienia segregate from Malaxis
Diplodium segregate from Pterostylis
Diteilis segregate from Liparis
Dockrillia segregate from Dendrobium
Drakonorchis segregate from Caladenia
Durabaculum segregate from Dendrobium
Eleutheroglossum segregate from Dendrobium
Elythranthera segregate from Glossodia
Empusa segregate from Liparis
Ephippium segregate from Bulbophyllum
Eremorchis segregate from Pterostylis
Eria see Bryobium, Hymeneria and Pinalia
Ericksonella segregate from Caladenia
Eryrthrorchis segregate from Galeola
Eucosia segregate from Goodyera
Flickingeria split into Abaxianthus and Flickingeria
Fruticicola segregate from Bulbophyllum
Gastrodia see also Demorchis
Goodyera see Eucosia and Salacistis
Grastidium segregate from Dendrobium
Hydrorchis segregate from Microtis
Hymeneria segregate from Eria
Hymenochilus segregate from Pterostylis
Jonesiopsis segregate from Caladenia
Kaurorchis segregate from Bulbophyllum
Leioanthum segregate from Dendrobium
Leptoceras segregate from Caladenia
Linguella segregate from Pterostylis
Liparis (epiphytes) see Cestichis
Liparis (terrestrials) see Diteilis and Empusa
Malaxis see Crepidium and Dienia
Mecopodum segregate from Prasophyllum
Microtidium segregate from Microtis
Microtis see also Hydrorchis and Microtidium
Monadenia = Disa
Monanthos segregate from Dendrobium
Myrmechila segregate from Chiloglottis
Nemacianthus segregate from Acianthus
Nematoceras segregate from Corybas
Octarrhena segregate from Phreatia
Oligochaetochilus segregate from Pterostylis
Oncophyllum segregate from Pterostylis
Oxysepala segregate from Bulbophyllum
Papulipetalum segregate from Bulbophyllum
Paracaleana = Sullivania
Petalochilus segregate from Caladenia
Petrorchis segregate from Pterostylis
Pharochilum segregate from Pterostylis
Pheladenia segregate from Caladenia
Phoringopsis segregate from Arthrochilus
Phreatia see also Octarrhena, Plexaure and Rhipidorchis
Pinalia segregate from Eria
Plexaure segregate from Phreatia
Plumatichilos segregate from Pterostylis
Podochilus see Appendicula
Praecoxanthus segregate from Caladenia
Prasophyllum see also Chiloterus and Mecopodum
Pterostylis see also Bunochilus, Crangonorchis, Diplodium, Eremorchis, Hymenochilus, Linguella, Oligochaetochilus, Petrorchis, Pharochilum, Plumatichilos, Ranorchis, Speculantha, Stamnorchis, Taurantha, Urochilus
Pterostylis (bearded group) see Plumatichilos
Pterostylis (cauline group) see Diplodium
Pterostylis (cycnocephala group) see Hymenochilus
Pterostylis (mutica group) see Hymenochilus
Pterostylis (nana group) see Linguella
Pterostylis (rufa group) see Oligochaetochilus
Pterostylis allantoidea see Eremorchis
Pterostylis bicornis see Petrorchis
Pterostylis daintreana see Pharochilum
Pterostylis parviflora see Speculantha
Pterostylis recurva see Stamnorchis
Pterostylis sargentii see Ranorchis
Pyrorchis segregate from Lyperanthus
Ranorchis segregate from Pterostylis
Rhinerrhizopsis segregate from Rhinerrhiza
Rhipidorchis segregate from Rhynchophreatia
Rhomboda segregate from Hetaeria
Salacistis segregate from Goodyera
Sarcocadetia segregate from Cadetia
Serpenticaulis segregate from Bulbophyllum
Simpliglottis segregate from Chiloglottis
Speculantha segregate from Pterostylis
Spilorchis segregate from Bulbophyllum
Stamnorchis segregate from Pterostylis
Stegostyla segregate from Caladenia
Stilbophyllum segregate from Dendrobium
Taurantha segregate from Pterostylis
Tetrabaculum segregate from Dendrobium
Thelychiton segregate from Dendrobium
Thynninorchis segregate from Arthrochilus
Trachyrhizum segregate from Dendrobium
Urochilus segregate from Pterostylis
Vappodes segregate from Dendrobium