EUCLID Eucalypts of Australia, is an extension of the previous two editions: EUCLID, Eucalypts of South-Eastern Australia, which was published in 1997 and as a revised edition in 2000, and EUCLID, Eucalypts of Southern Australia, published in 2002.

We would like to thank those people acknowledged in all earlier editions of EUCLID as they have contributed to this version through their association with the first and second editions. Some have continued to assist us and numerous others have also made significant contributions. For this, the third edition of EUCLID, we wish to acknowledge the following people and institutions.

The first and second editions of EUCLID were produced with financial support from the Bushcare program of the Australian Government Department of Environment and Heritage, for which we are grateful.

We thank Jeremy Burdon, Chief, CSIRO Plant Industry, for his continued support of this seemingly endless project, and also Andrew Young, CSIRO Plant Industry program leader, for his support.

We are especially grateful to Helen Hewson, who meticulously proof-read many species fact sheets, as she did for earlier editions. Chris Blanchfield produced most of the distribution maps from the Australian National Herbarium database, and Kim Navin provided a neat interactive map checking program.

Kevin Thiele has made a significant contribution to EUCLID over many years. He produced most of the excellent and instructive line drawings used in the character notes and, along with Matt Taylor and Dan Campbell from the Centre for Pest Information Technology and Transfer at the University of Queensland, has helped us greatly with the Lucid software.

Helpful discussion of the taxonomy of some northern species of the eucalypts was provided by Ian Cowie and Dale Dixon, both of the Northern Territory Herbarium in Darwin, Tony Bean of the Queensland Herbarium (Mt Coot-tha) and Russell Cummings of Environmental Protection Agency, Queensland in Townsville. John Clarkson of Environmental Protection Agency, Queensland, in Mareeba, was free with helpful advice on species identification and distribution in the Cape York region, and provided valuable guidance in these matters during a field trip to northern Cape York Peninsula. Stephen van Leeuwen of Pilbara Regional Herbarium, Department of Conservation and Land Management, Karratha, Western Australia, provided advice during a brief visit there. Dean Nicolle, Currency Creek Arboretum, South Australia , provided help with changes in eucalypt taxonomy in southern Australia since 2002, and especially with access to his (then) unpublished manuscripts of Eucalyptus series Subulatae, and also with his views on some northern eucalypts. Peter White of Department of Conservation and Land Management, Narrogin, Western Australia, provided useful insight on recently described southern species, and several photographs. Dave Albrecht of the Northern Territory Herbarium in Alice Springs provided useful advice on species distributions in Central Australia.

Bruce Gray of the Australian National Herbarium, Rainforest Herbarium, Atherton, Queensland, helped us come to grips with the eucalypts of north-eastern Queensland through his local knowledge, enthusiastic help with field work and excellent photographs, especially of species coming into flower. Rebel Elick, also of the Rainforest Herbarium, helped with specimen processing and vehicle preparation.

Andrew Mitchell from Australian Quarantine Inspection Service, in Darwin, and Raelee Kerrigan of Northern Territory Herbarium provided field assistance, local knowledge and distribution information. The congenial staff of the Northern Territory Herbarium also gladly loaned field equipment and provided advice whenever asked. Maggie & John Nightingale, then of Alice Springs, photographed buds of E. gamophylla.

In Queensland, Allan & Cheryl Lennox of Mount Stewart Station, and Barry Hughes of North Head Station, are thanked for providing access to private property and permission to collect species of restricted distribution. The following are kindly thanked for providing accommodation during field work in Queensland: Tom & Sue Shepard of Artimis Station on Cape York, Trevor & Annette Allwood in the Atherton area and Hughie & Jane Yorkston in Townsville.

In the north Kimberley region we thank Butch Maher of Theda Station for advice on some local eucalypts and accommodation. Tim Willing of Department of Conservation and Land Management in Broome, Western Australia, provided helpful discussion and information on eucalypts in his area.

Specimens for study were willingly loaned by Western Australian Herbarium (PERTH), New South Wales Herbarium (NSW) and National Herbarium of Victoria (MEL), and the Directors of these institutions are thanked for this.

Research undertaken for such a project cannot be completed without access to the various National Parks, State Forests and Flora Reserves of northern Australia. The heads of the following organizations and the permit-issuing officers are thanked for providing permits to collect plants: Department of Conservation and Land Management in Western Australia, Department of Infrastructure, Planning and Environment in the Northern Territory, and the Environmental Protection Agency in Queensland.

We thank David Kleinig for use of more of his excellent photographs in this edition of EUCLID to fill in gaps in our own collection. Many of his photos are now housed in the Australian Plant Image Index at the Australian National Botanic Gardens (ANBG). Laura Vallee of ANBG helped with access to that collection.

The regional maps for all the States of Australia were based largely on the character state system developed for WATTLE - Acacias of Australia, 2001. We are grateful to Bruce Maslin, the coordinator of that work and to the publishers, ABRS (Australian Biological Resources Study) and CALM (Department of Conservation and Land Management) for permitting us to reproduce these.

A major source of biographical information was Norman Hall's publication, Botanists of the Eucalypts . Don Blaxell, Leonie Stanberg and Chris Quinn from the National Herbarium of New South Wales, Frances Quinn from The University of New England, Nathan McQuoid from Greening Australia in Western Australia, Bruce Maslin from the Western Australian Herbarium, and Alex George from Four Gables in Perth, all provided additional biographical information.

A significant contribution to this edition of EUCLID was made by one of our colleagues in the Australian National Herbarium, John Connors. In addition to major input through field work and learning about the northern species on the ground, John was responsible for coding and developing the database for about half the northern Australian taxa and photographed all eucalypt type specimens held in the Australian National Herbarium. He has assisted greatly in every aspect of the development of this third edition. The other contributors greatly regret that due to the adoption of the genus Corymbia in this work, John does not wish to be recognized publicly for his contribution.

We would like to thank our colleagues from the Centre for Plant Biodiversity Research, CSIRO Plant Industry, Canberra, for their support and encouragement over the entire length of this project. Particularly, Teguh Triono, Brendan Lepschi and Dave Mallinson for assistance with field work, and Tony Orchard for nomenclatural help and Kirsten Cowley who provided assistance and lists from the Australian Plant Name Index (APNI). We acknowledge that EUCLID could not have been presented at this level without the assistance from many dedicated staff at CSIRO Plant Industry.

Carl Davies, Sandie McIntosh, Amy Wilson, Gill Cosgrove and Lindsay Jaggers, staff of the Visual Resources Unit, and staff of the Communications Unit, CSIRO Plant Industry, are thanked for helpful advice, access to their facilities, and for their support of the project.

The ever reliable Dac Nguyen, formerly of CSIRO Plant Industry, now of CSIRO IT, is again thanked for keeping our computers running. The staff from Glasshouse Services and the Potting Shed provided soil and bench space to grow eucalypt seedlings.

We received helpful feedback and suggestions from botanists who agreed to review EUCLID. For their efforts we are extremely grateful - thanks to Maurice McDonald, Dean Nicolle, Kevin Kenneally, Russell Cummings, Pauline Ladiges and Michael Bailey, Tony Bean, Dale Dixon and Ian Cowie.