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EUCLID, Eucalypts of Southern Australia, is an extension of the first EUCLID, Eucalypts of South-Eastern Australia, which was published in 1997 and again in 2000 as a revised edition.

We would like to thank those people acknowledged in the earlier editions of EUCLID as they have contributed to this version through their association with the first editions.
Some of these people have continued to assist us and numerous others have also made significant contributions. For this edition of EUCLID we wish to acknowledge the following people or institutions.

EUCLID could not have been completed without financial support from the Bushcare program of Environment Australia. We would like to thank Judy West, Director of the Centre for Plant Biodiversity Research for her efforts in facilitating this grant and Nick Dexter, Annie Boutland and Denise White, the Environment Australia project coordinators.

We thank Jeremy Burdon, Assistant Chief, CSIRO Plant Industry, for his continued support of this project and also Randy Bayer, CSIRO Plant Industry subprogram leader, who was EUCLID project manager.

We would like to thank Dean Nicolle from Flinders University for the significant contribution that he has made to this project. His expert knowledge of the eucalypts of southern Australia has assisted us greatly, especially with field work in the Great Victoria Desert. He also gave us access to his Currency Creek Arboretum for testing the key on numerous cultivated species.

We are especially grateful to Helen Hewson, who meticulously proof-read every species fact sheet and to Judy West who checked the character notes. Both made many useful suggestions on ways these could be improved. Pennie Tyrell produced most of the distribution maps from the Australian National Herbarium database and provided much encouragement throughout. We would like to make special mention of Heidi Ottey who generously gave up her time to write a computer program to formulate all of the species fact sheets.

Kevin Thiele has also made a significant contribution to EUCLID. He produced most of the excellent and instructive line drawings and, along with Matt Taylor and Dan Campbell from the Centre for Pest Information Technology and Transfer at the University of Queensland, has helped us greatly with the Lucid software. Sharyn Wragg produced line drawings for some of the character states not included in the first editions.

The regional maps for each of the southern States of Australia were based largely on what was published in WATTLE - Acacias of Australia, 2001. We are grateful to Bruce Maslin, the coordinator of that work and to the publishers, ABRS (Australian Biological Resources Study) and CALM (Department of Conservation and Land Management) for permitting us to reproduce these.

We thank David Kleinig for use of some of his excellent photographs to fill in gaps in our own collection. A major source of information for biographical information was Norman Hall's publication, Botanists of the Eucalypts. Don Blaxell, Leonie Stanberg and Chris Quinn from the National Herbarium of New South Wales, Frances Quinn from The University of New England, Nathan McQuoid from Greening Australia in Western Australia and Alex George from Four Gables in Perth, all provided additional biographical information. We thank Peter Grayling for his assistance with field work and also Terena Lally and Brendan Lepschi who provided many pieces of useful field information. Alf Popplewell from Dandaragan and Steve Hopper, Director of Kings Park, Perth assisted with localities for some difficult-to-find species in Western Australia. Peter White, of CALM at Narrogin, helped with general discussion of eucalypts of the southern wheatbelt in particular. Stuart Boyd-Law, National Parks Officer from the Glen Innes district in northern New South Wales, helped with locality information for a recently described species.

We are grateful to Joy & Don Williams from Hi Vallee and to Christine & Kingsley Smith from Mt. Misery who gave us access to their properties in Western Australia to collect and photograph a few of the uncommon species. We thank Bob and Maureen Nicolle for their hospitality whilst we were on field trips to the Adelaide area.

EUCLID could not have been completed without access to the various National Parks, State Forests and Flora Reserves of southern Australia. We would particularly like to thank Michael O'Donoghue from CALM in Western Australia for his help in procuring permits for these areas in Western Australia and Val Oliver and Suzie Dietrich from the Australian National Herbarium for their efforts in obtaining permits from the other States. We would like to thank the staff from the Western Australian Herbarium, Perth, who processed some of our collections from that state and also sent us loan material for further study.

We would like to thank all the staff from the Centre for Plant Biodiversity Research for their support and encouragement over the entire length of this project and acknowledge that EUCLID could not have been presented at this level without the assistance from many dedicated staff at CSIRO Plant Industry. From the Microscopy Unit we would like to thank Celia Miller and Rosemary White, Eric Hynes and Anne Hastings (from CSIRO Entomology) for their help with our digital seed images and Scanning Electron Microscopy. Dac Nguyen, Rolf Kohnert and Peter Cummings from the Computing Section set-up our computers and kept them running smoothly. The staff from Glasshouse Services and the Potting Shed provided soil and bench space to grow our seedlings. The Visual Resources Unit, especially Tracy Mitchell and Carl Davies, helped with promotional posters and the processing of our slide film. The Administrative staff, especially Ian McCrae and Rita Holt, helped organize many of our travel arrangements and other administrative matters.

Vanessa Muir, Meredith Lewis, Neil Simpson and Jennifer Griggs from CSIRO Publishing helped with the final compilation.

Finally we thank Bruce Maslin, Maurice McDonald, Nathan McQuoid, Dean Nicolle, Ken Hill and Peter White for refereeing this work and for their many useful suggestions.