Common name:
Hairy Panic Grass, Blow-away Grass

Family name:

Botanical name:
Panicum effusum

Flowering/fruiting season:
Summer - Autumn

Widespread in native pastures and woodlands (Burbidge & Gray, 1976:66) eg: Aranda bushland


  • Food
  • Seeds ground and baked [in other areas] (Maiden in Flood, 1980:93)

Yellow Wood Sorrel


  • 'Fairly abundant in low country and sets plenty of seed.' (Flood, 1980:93)
  • There are records of P. effusum and P. decompositum being collected and processed (ground & cooked) in other areas of Australia, including on the Murrary River by the Wemba wemba. (Gott, 1995)

Language names:

Horticulture :

  • Grass seeds generally difficult to collect (Wrigley & Fagg, 1989:23)
  • Propagate by tussock division.
  • Leaves green during summer, fawn and curled when frosted (Eddy et al., 1998: 28)

Similar species:
Introduced weeds such as, P. capillare (Witch Grass), P. millaceum (Broom Millet) (Burbidge & Gray, 1976:66)

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