Common name:
Golden Star, Yellow Star, Golden Weather-Glass

Family name:

Botanical name:
Hypoxis hygrometrica

Flowering/fruiting season:
November - January

Very common in swampy areas in grassland or in grassy forest clearings (Burbidge & Gray, 1976:108)


  • Food
  • Root roasted in ashes (Gott, 1995)

Golden Star


  • Root is cylindrical corm (Gott, 1995)
  • Lily family 'short bulb-like underground stem, usually less than 1cm across, bearing numerous, often fleshy roots' 'eaten raw by Aborigines.' ' little flavour but is densely packed with starch and contains microscopic, needle-like crystals of calcium oxalate which can cause mild irritation to the throat.' (Cribb & Cribb, 1987:170)

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