Common name:
Bulbine Lily, Golden Lily, Native Leek

Family name:

Botanical name:
Bulbine bulbosa

Flowering/fruiting season:
October - November; late summer on high mountain ridges (Flood, 1980:94)

'Grassy woodlands areas up to highest elevations.' (Burbidge & Gray, 976:104)
'Widespread in drier areas flowering does not necessarily occur every year.' (Cribb & Cribb, 1987:167)


  • Food
  • Edible tubers (Flood, 1980:94)
  • ' plump, round corm with many thick roots radiating out from it. In spring a spike of yellow flowers appears. The corm, which can be eaten all year was probably cooked first; one of the sweetest of lily roots (Zola & Gott, 1992:43)

Bulbine Lily

' still to be seen in colourful patches among imported grasses on land which is not grazed or regularly planted with crops.' (Zola & Gott, 1992:43)

Language names:

  • dharaban : 'yam' Monaro
  • njamang : 'yam' S. Ngarigo
  • mewan : 'yam' Ngarigo (Flood, 1980:359)
  • wanka-palu, ngampala ('tuber') : Barkindji (Hercus in Gott, 1995)
  • parm, puewan : Gunditjmara, Tjapwurong, and
  • pike : Coranderrk (Zola & Gott, 1992:43)

Horticulture :
Transplants well; suitable for most conditions but needs watering (Wrigley & Fagg, 1998:139)

Similar species:

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