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is where the ANPC shares news about plant conservation. If you have some news that could be of interest to the readers of ANPC News, please email the ANPC office, making sure to put "For ANPC News" in the title. Also please note:
1. Keep your news item concise, preferably one paragraph, and provide a link that readers can click for further information.
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Key issues in plant conservation

A new Myrtle Rust information hub is now available here.

Myrtle Rust is a major new threat to Australia’s flora. This information hub has been developed by the ANPC to significantly contribute to response capabilities here in Australia and overseas. Two elements are new and unique:
1/ consolidated Australian and global host lists which have not been published elsewhere. Updates of these host lists are anticipated to occur on a 3- to 6-monthly basis.
2/ a comprehensive global bibliography of literature on Myrtle Rust, which is a world first!

Rust pustules and spore masses on Agonis flexuosa (willow myrtle) cv. ‘Afterdark’

Photo, Dr Louise Morin



Plant insect interactions - Building our knowledge of the inter-relationships between plants and insects.


Recent submissions

ANPC Submission to the Senate Inquiry into Environmental Biosecurity (August 2014)

ANPC Submission to the Threatened Species Commissioner’s Draft Terms of Reference (April 2014)

Submission on the draft Green Army Programme Statement of Requirements (February 2014)

Submission to the NSW Weed Management Review (December 2013)

Submission to the Emissions Reduction Fund Green Paper (the Carbon Farming Initiative and the Reforestation and Afforestation methodology in particular) (November 2013)

ANPC Submission to NSW Threatened Species Conservation Act Review (November 2010)

Useful links

There is a great range of useful resources for plant conservation available on the internet.  To help you find things, or perhaps point you to resources you never thought existed, we have put together a guide to internet resources.



ANPC is a network for plant conservation, it keeps members, and others, in touch with the latest developments in plant conservation through:



ANPC celebrates Fascination of Plants Day 2013

The Australian Network for Plant Conservation (ANPC) is celebrating Fascination of Plants Day 2013 by launching a slide show of some of Australia’s most threatened plants. Please click on the image below to view the slide show.


21 Threatened Plants