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Australasian Plant Conservation

Originally published in Australasian Plant Conservation 21(1) June - August 2012, p 2

From the Editor

Selga Harrington
Parsons Brinckerhoff

Welcome, readers, to the winter 2012 issue of Australian Plant Conservation! The theme for this issue is Bushland Restoration. This issue examines current small scale efforts and local approaches being made in the restoration of bushland areas. The next issue will expand on this to examine restoration at a larger, landscape scale.

As our population and urban areas expand, the pressure on our natural environment increases, bushland areas become degraded and suffer from weed invasion. Management and restoration of these degraded bushland areas has typically fallen to councils, community groups and individuals but is now also being undertaken as compensation for development. This issue contains articles written from each of these perspectives.

The articles highlight the benefits of strategic planning and prioritization of areas for restoration, the importance of community involvement, innovation and experimentation in weed control and restoration methods as well as sheer perseverance. Beyond the usual tales of hard work, blood, sweat and tears, these articles provide valuable ideas on how to undertake a successful restoration project from ways to engage the local community and stakeholders, to novel methods to employ.

The issue concludes with our regular features: Report from New Zealand Plant Conservation Network, Reports from Recent Workshops, Upcoming Conferences, Research Roundup; Book Reviews, Information Resources and Useful Websites.

Don’t forget to register for the ANPC National Conference, to be held 29 October – 2 November in Canberra! The conference theme is Plant Conservation in Australia: Achievements and Future Directions. An apt theme for this, ANPC’s 21st, year! For more information, to register or submit an abstract or proposals for workshops, go to http://www.anbg.gov.au/anpc/conferences/2012/index.html.

I hope you enjoy this issue on Bushland Restoration. It is overflowing with inspirational success stories and useful tips!